How Do You Refill a Printer Cartridge?

How Do You Refill a Printer Cartridge?

Generally, refill a printer cartridge by removing the empty ink canister from the printer and following the refill instructions that come with the ink refill kit. Test whether the refill process is successful by printing a few sample pages.

The refill procedure for different ink cartridges varies by printer manufacturer and cartridge model. To refill a Canon inkjet cartridge with model number BX-03, follow the steps provided below.

  1. Put on gloves
  2. Wear disposable plastic gloves to prevent hands from being smeared with ink.

  3. Remove the empty cartridge
  4. Take out the empty cartridge from the Canon printer. Set the cartridge on a layer of paper towels to catch spillage.

  5. Make a filling hole
  6. Create a tiny opening for the injection site using a thumb drill, which is typically included in a refill kit.

  7. Refill the cartridge
  8. Attach the filling needle to the syringe and fill the tube with black ink. Inject a maximum of 20 cubic centimeters of black ink into the cartridge by inserting the needle into the filling hole.

  9. Seal the filling hole
  10. Cover the filling hole with aluminum tape. Ensure that the opening is sealed tightly to prevent accidental ink leakage.

  11. Set aside the refilled cartridge
  12. Place the cartridge over a paper towel for about an hour. Secure the print head from getting into contact with the paper towel. Check for dripping to make sure that the ink is ready to print.

  13. Install the cartridge and print sample pages
  14. Replace the cartridge back into the printer. Execute one to three cleaning cycles. Print several sample pages to check that the print quality is consistent.