How Do You Refill Lexmark Ink Cartridges?

How Do You Refill Lexmark Ink Cartridges?

To refill Lexmark ink cartridges, position the drill present with the refill kit in the hole on the cartridge's top, push it in fully, insert a needle into the hole, and pull the plunger to add the ink in the cartridge. When the ink begins to bubble out of the hole, remove the syringe, clean the cartridge, and cover the hole. Finally, test the refilled cartridge.

Begin refilling Lexmark ink cartridges by placing them on layers of paper towels or newspaper. Wear rubber or plastic gloves to prevent staining of the hands. Then, identify the hole on the cartridge; this hole is normally present beneath the label.

Remove the label to access the hole, position the drill's tip on it, and turn the drill clockwise and in a downward direction into the cartridge. Allow the drill to go fully through the cartridge. To determine the colors of the ink in color cartridges, dip a toothpick in each of them.

Now, push the needle of the syringe into the drilled hole until it touches the cartridge's base. Slowly, pull the plunger backwards by approximately 1/4 inch to inject the ink. As you add the ink, pull the needle out slowly.

When the cartridge is completely filled, wipe the cartridge's top using a paper towel. Seal the drilled hole using scotch tape or seal dots available with the refill kit. Finally, replace the cartridge in the printer, and print a few pages so that the ink begins to flow smoothly.