How Do You Refill an Inkjet Printer?


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Refill the ink cartridge for an inkjet printer by purchasing a refill kit, using the tools to expose the ink intake hole and injecting the ink into the chamber. Another option is to take the empty cartridge to a store that completes the process for a fee. However, many printer manufacturers recommend purchasing new ink cartridges rather than refilling to avoid potential issues during printing.

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To refill an inkjet cartridge at home, purchase a refill kit that matches the make and model of the printer in question. This ensures that the kit has the appropriate colors in the correct amounts, as each printer uses different combinations of colors and are not explicitly compatible with each other. Remove the cartridges from the printer, and unpack the refill kit, placing all the components on a safe surface and grouping matching colors. Use the screw tool to remove the protective covering on the ink chamber, press the tool into the stopper to open the compartment and inject the ink up to the fill line.

Alternately, it is possible to take the empty cartridges to a refill center to pay a technician to complete the procedures. The technicians may use a similar set of tools, with the main advantage being the accountability of the business.

Some printer manufacturers, such as HP, suggest that customers should purchase new cartridges, as refills may lead to leaking ink, incorrect color distribution or other issues that can compromise the print job.

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