How Do You Refill an HP Inkjet Cartridge?

Refill an HP inkjet cartridge by taking it to an ink refill station at a retailer or participating in an ink refill service at a printer cartridge store, wherein the company injects ink directly into the cartridge. Another option is to purchase a home ink refill kit that includes vials of different color ink and a syringe.

The refill process at retail stores consists of taking the empty cartridge to a store that offers the service and leaving the cartridge with an associate at the refill department. Each store features a different wait time for cartridge refills depending on the store equipment and staffing, current work order backlog and the number of HP inkjet printers in need of refills. When the associate finishes refilling the ink, you must pay for the service, typically a flat fee per cartridge. Home refill kits allow you to perform the same actions, which involve taking the ink out of a container and injecting it into the inkwell of the cartridge.

Refilling an HP inkjet printer cartridge allows users to save money on purchasing new cartridges and reduce waste by recycling the product for additional uses. However, HP does not recommend users participate in this process because it reduces the reliability of the cartridge, sometimes rendering it incompatible with the printer. Some review sites also claim that the refill companies use ink that is of a poor quality compared to HP ink.