How Do You Refill Epson Printer Cartridges?

To refill an Epson printer cartridge, reset the chip, drill a refill hole in the specified area and a second one in front of the first, inject ink via one hole and then replace the cartridge. Always refill your cartridge before it runs empty to prevent air pockets.

Place the cartridge on a paper towel, and wear rubber gloves to keep your fingers from staining. Using the chip resetter that you purchased separately reset the chip.

Drill a refill hole with a thumb drill in the marked area on the cartridge and a second one in front of the first. Inject ink into the first hole. The other allows air to escape as you refill the cartridge.

Keep a ready tissue to wipe any overflow. Fill your syringe with the right amount of ink, and put the needle into the cartridge for about 1/2 inch. Fill the cartridge slowly to give the ink time to get into the various chambers. Don't overfill; if the ink starts to bubble out the other hole, stop filling the cartridge.

Replace the cartridge, let the ink settle down to the bottom, and let the air pockets fill by allowing the cartridge to sit in the printer for 24 hours.