How Do You Refill Brother Ink Cartridges?

To refill Brother ink cartridges, purchase the appropriate refill kit, remove the cartridge from the printer, bore a hole in it and add ink in the cartridge, using the syringe that comes with the kit. When the cartridge is completely filled, seal the hole, and replace the unit in the printer. Follow the directions given with the refill kit to complete the task correctly.

Refill kits for Brother ink cartridges are different for different printer models. Each kit comprises of specific tools required for refilling the cartridges of that particular model.

Begin refilling the ink cartridge by laying several newspapers on a suitable surface. Wear old clothing and rubber gloves to prevent unwanted ink stains. Place the contents of the refill kit on the newspaper layer, remove the ink cartridge from the printer and place it on the same surface.

Use the small tool contained in the refill kit to make a hole in the cartridge. If a hole is already present on the cartridge, widen it using the tool. In Brother ink cartridges with holes of adequate size, just remove the covers.

Fill the syringe with ink, insert its needle in the cartridge hole and push the plunger to refill the cartridge. Ensure that the ink does not overflow, and wipe excess ink with paper towel. When the cartridge is filled, cover the hole, or seal it using scotch tape.