How Do You Reduce Digital Image File Sizes?

To reduce the file size of a digital image, download and install an image viewer that’s capable of compressing digital images, such as IrfanView. Open the image via the program, and use the compression function of IrfanView to save the image in the PNG format.

  1. Download and install IrfanView

    Use your Web browser to navigate to the IrfanView home page, and click on the Download link. Select any of the available download locations, and click on the Download Now button. Double-click on the executable file, and follow the installation wizard instructions to complete the process. Make sure to associate image file formats with IrfanView when prompted during the installation.

  2. Open the digital image in IrfanView

    Click on the Start button, and select the All Programs option. Click on the IrfanView folder, and open the latest version of IrfanView. Click on the File option in the menu bar, and click on Open. Locate the digital image you want to reduce, select it, and click on Open.

  3. Compress the digital image

    Click on File, and select the Save As option. Open the drop-down menu next to the Save as Type option, and select PNG – Portable Network Graphics. In the PNG/PNM/ICO dialog box, type in “9” in the Compression Level field. Select the location where you want to save the compressed image, and click on Save.