How Do You Reduce CPU Usage?


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Firstly, terminate unnecessary applications. This can be performed from the task manager of most devices with a CPU, such as a Windows computer or an Android smart phone. Using "light" alternatives to applications will aid in the reduction of CPU usage, even when important tasks are being performed. Look for applications that perform the required task but also have low overheads, and install them in place of the "heavier" applications.

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Windows computers can be optimised to use less CPU by removing unnecessary start-up programs and services. Press and hold the Windows key, and press R. Type "msconfig.exe," and press enter. Navigate to the start-up tab, and deselect unnecessary applications. The applications will not be removed from the computer. They just won’t start up and run in the background anymore when the system boots. Therefore, almost all of the applications can be removed from the list without causing any problems. You should not deselect your anti-virus if you use one.

Services can also be denied from starting up with the PC, which also reduces CPU load. To stop services from starting up with the computer, hold the Windows key, and press R. Type in "services.msc," and press enter. To stop a service, right click on the desired service, and select “properties,” and then change the start-up type to “manual.” Press “Apply” and then “OK”. Only remove services when you know it is safe to do so because many are essential to the operation of the computer.

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