How Do You Redeem Rite Aid Wellness Rewards?

When you shop at Rite Aid and use a Wellness+ Rewards Card, you earn points that can be redeemed for rewards by going to the Rite Aid Wellness website and logging into your account. However, this is only possible through March 2015 because Rite Aid has discontinued the program.

To redeem a Wellness reward, you need an active Wellness+ card with 500 points and an account. If you don't have an account, create one at the website by entering your card number and personal information such as name, phone number and address. Some of the rewards include a gym membership discount, a gift certificate for $25, and a one-year magazine subscription. Log in to our Wellness account with your card number and password, then you can redeem your reward.

If you don't have enough points on your card this is not possible. However, by making eligible purchases with the Wellness card, you earn points. The standard rate is one point for every dollar, except on certain products like alcohol, tobacco and prepaid cards, which are not eligible. Prescriptions give you 25 Wellness points each. In addition to the redeemable rewards, the 500-point mark gives a 10 percent discount off every item in a store except for ineligible products.