Does Reddit Have a Section for Math?


As of 2014, Reddit does have sections for Mathematics (/r/math) and Pure Mathematics (/r/puremathematics). Additional subreddits include Math Education (/r/matheducation), Learn Math (/r/learnmath) and Statistics (/r/statistics) pages. The University of Reddit also has Mathematics and Statistics courses available.

Reddit caught the attention of Business Insider magazine in 2013, with an insightful mathematics related conversation on the topic of "why is math beautiful." In the article, Business Insider summarized the opinions of a variety of Reddit commenters to develop a list of the emotional responses, applications of, and other general aspects related to the nature of math.

Though not officially part of Reddit, the University of Reddit offers free online classes on a variety of subjects, including math related topics. It is a place for sharing knowledge and ideas, and strives to be an open learning environment, for teachers and students. Additional information can be found at the subreddit /r/UniversityofReddit.