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Sometimes known as “The front page of the Internet,” Reddit is a user-driven message forum. It is a self-correcting and crowd-sourced portal of content where users come together to post links and subsequently participate in comment threads. User submissions are judged by the Reddit community through a voting system. Votes accumulate and ultimately quantify the user's contribution to the community.

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Reddit prides itself on being a source of what is new and popular on the Internet. Users provide and decide what content is featured through a voting system. Links or their attached comments that receive “upvotes” shift upwards to the top of the page, while submissions that receive “downvotes” or are rejected by the community get demoted or removed by the site’s moderators. This user-based voting system allows users to control featured content through a perpetually evolving thread of submissions and activity.

User submissions are scored based on the number of upvotes minus the number of downvotes. Scores accumulate in the form of points, also known as “karma,” and the scores appear next to the user’s name to indicate how much good the user has done for the Reddit community. Scores are given to both user submissions and user comments.

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