How Do You Recycle Old Video Tapes?

How Do You Recycle Old Video Tapes?

To recycle old video tapes, take the film out of the plastic case and put the case in the recycling. If recycling is not an option, donate old videos to libraries and secondhand stores.

Recycling old video tapes can be tricky, as the casing and tape are made of very different materials. In addition, not all cities accept e-waste.

Use websites such as or to find local recycling programs. Search for programs that collect e-waste. If those are not available, see if any local programs accept plastic waste.

If an e-waste program is available, it may be possible to simply take the tapes to a recycling center. However, if such a program is not available, the case can be recycled as plastic. To recycle the case, take the tape out of the case. Discard the tape and recycle the case on its own.

If local recycling programs are not available, groups such as Alternative Community Training (ACT) and Green Disk accept tapes through the mail, although a small fee may be charged for these recycling services. Upcycling tapes into craft projects and donating the tapes to a local library or secondhand store are also good options for disposing of unwanted VHS tapes.