How Do You Recover Lost Flash Drive Data?

How Do You Recover Lost Flash Drive Data?

To recover lost flash drive data, install and run a data recovery tool, according to There is a variety of options available at different price points.

Flash drives are convenient, but they can sometimes fail. In addition, mistakes happen and it is easy to accidentally delete a file from a drive. A number of utilities can help fix this problem. Run through the following steps to recover lost flash drive data.

  1. Find a recovery utility
  2. Several recovery tools can recover lost data on flash drives. There are several free utilities available such as PhotoRec, Undelete and Recuva. However, paid tools such as Recover My Files and Remo Recover offer a few extra features. offers helpful reviews of several of these different utilities.

  3. Install the tool
  4. Install the recovery tool on the computer.

  5. Run the tool
  6. Run the tool as directed in the program's instructions. Most programs ask users to select a drive or enter a drive letter. The tool then completes a scan of the drive to recover data stored on that drive. Perform the deepest scan that the tool allows to recover as much data as possible, notes

  7. Review data
  8. Review any data recovered in the scan to find lost files.

To avoid corrupted files and lost data, safely eject flash drives before removing them from the USB port.