How Do You Recover a Lost ClassDojo Password?

How Do You Recover a Lost ClassDojo Password?

To recover a lost parent or teacher password on ClassDojo, click the Forgot Your password? link on the login page. Students with lost passwords must obtain new passwords from their teachers.

ClassDojo is an education management platform that provides tools for teachers, students and parents. Teachers are able to provide student feedback, communicate with parents and create progress reports. The teacher-oriented functions of the platform focus on showing students their progress and providing positive reinforcement.

Teachers can also create and edit student profiles, network with other teachers within their schools, and transfer student profiles between classes. Teachers can save behavior and progress reports in PDF format or print them, and can also save and archive an entire class's records at once.

Parents can share photos, communicate with teachers and see student progress reports. Students are able to track their progress, share photos and reports with parents, and customize their ClassDojo avatars. All of these features are available with an app for mobile devices running Android or iOS, and both versions of the app are free.

ClassDojo estimates that one in two schools in the United States uses ClassDojo. The software supports over 36 languages and allows teachers to print parent invitations and other materials in multiple languages.