How Do You Recover a Gateway System?

How Do You Recover a Gateway System?

Recover your Gateway system by removing all CDs and DVDs from the drives and turning off the computer. Use the Recovery Manager feature to complete full factory recovery.

After your computer is shut down, remove all USB devices except for mouse and keyboard. Turn on your computer. When the Gateway BIOS logo appears, continuously press the F8 key until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears. Select Repair Your Computer on the Advanced Boot Options screen, and press the Enter key. Next, select the appropriate keyboard layout in the System Recovery Options dialog box and click Next.

Click the down arrow to choose a user account with Administrator rights. Click OK. Select Recovery Manager. Click Next in the Gateway Recovery Center window. In the same window, select Full Factory Recovery.

Select Yes in the window that says all data gets lost and click Next. The system installs Windows. Click Finish in the next window that suggests recovery is complete. Select Restart in the System Recovery Options window. Windows takes a few minutes to start.

The system takes several minutes to install drivers and applications. Select the desired options in the Set Up windows screen, and click Next. Accept the license terms, and click Next. Select a username and picture screen. Click Next.

Select Use Recommended Settings on the next screen, review your time settings, and click Next. Click Start in the Thank You screen. After Windows prepares the desktop, installation is complete.