How Do You Recover Deleted History?


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The most effective method to recover deleted Internet history is to download a file-recovery program. Once the program is downloaded, access the browser cache, and use the program to scan the cache to recover the history.

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The file path to the browser cache varies depending on the browser used. If the files are hidden, set your computer to show these files. One way to view the history is to inspect the DNS cache. Open the Start menu and type "cmd" to open the command prompt. Then, type "ipconfig /displaydns" to see a list of the most recently visited websites. This method is limited and only lists the website, not the specific pages visited.

Browsing history includes the sites visited, temporary files from certain sites, information entered into forms, cookies and passwords in some cases. This saved information is meant to make using a computer easier by remembering frequently used websites and information for the user. Toolbars may also save a user's search terms. History from one day or a specified period of time can be viewed. Browsing history is intended to be private, but this depends on the security of the computer and network. Information on a public computer or network is not private, and even a private computer can be hacked.

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