How Do You Recover Data From a Memory Card?

How Do You Recover Data From a Memory Card?

To recover data from a memory card, download a file recovery program designed for external storage devices, start the software and scan the card. Select desired files to recover them.

Recovering deleted files from a memory card or extracting files from a corrupted card can be tricky, but possible. Run through the following steps to recover lost data from external storage.

  1. Set the card aside
  2. Set the card aside and do not use it until after recovering the lost files.

  3. Download and install a recovery program
  4. Choose a photo recovery program that is compatible with both the operating system and external storage media. Some card brands also provide their own recovery software.

  5. Scan files
  6. Start up the program, select a drive or folder and choose file types to search. Run a scan to recover all files that fit those parameters.

  7. Select files
  8. Select the files and confirm the selection to recover them.

  9. Back up the files
  10. Back up the files on another drive.

Memory card brands that provide their own recovery programs include SanDisk and Lexar. File recovery programs for Mac OS X include PhotoRec and CardRescue. Recover programs available for Windows include Recuva, Undelete 360, Recover My Files, PhotoRec and CardRecovery.