How Do You Recover a .chk File?

How Do You Recover a .chk File?

To recover a .chk file, you have to rename it with the correct extension by using one of several third party tools. These tools identify the type of file renamed by Microsoft, and assign it an appropriate extension so it can be opened.

  1. Locate the files of interest

    Determine the name and path of the folder where the .chk files reside, and create or locate a directory where you want the renamed files to be located.

  2. Run the third party program

    Select the appropriate third party program, such as UnCHK or CHK-Mate, and use a directory of the .chk files as input. After the program completes, look for the files in the second directory specified with new extensions.

  3. Open the renamed files

    Now that the files have appropriate extensions, such as .doc or .jpeg, open them using the standard interfaces.