How Do You Record Visitor Statistics for Your Website?


Visitor statistics on a website is done using analytics software, such as Google Analytics. The software is implemented on a domain and tracks visitor usage on the site, such as what articles they choose to read or how they navigate through the website. To use Google Analytics, fill out the sign-up form found at

The Google Analytics software is available in two specific types of formats. The first version is primarily used for small business and is available for free. There are no subscription costs and it only requires that the user sign up. Use the following instructions to sign up for Google Analytics:

  1. Sign up
  2. Either use a pre-existing Google account or create one.

  3. Access Google Analytics
  4. Either press the tab located at the top of the screen, or search for Google Analytics.

  5. Add a website
  6. Fill out the application to add a website to the Google Analytics database. This includes the website URL, its industry, time zone and account name. Then choose the amount of data to share with Google.

  7. Enter tracking code
  8. Copy and paste the provided tracking code into the head tag in the HTML code. Once Google recognizes the code, it will begin sending data back to the analytics user interface screen.

The other version of the Google Analytics software is the premium version, which is available at a cost.