How Do You Record TV Programs?


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To record TV programs, connect the source signal of the device to a recording device, such as a VCR, DVD recorder or DVR, and tune the TV to the channel you wish to record. Alternatively, record the program on a computer using a recording software.

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How Do You Record TV Programs?
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Use audio-video cables that are compatible with both the TV and the VCR, DVR or DVD recorder to connect the devices. Connect the input jacks of the recording device to the cable box and the output jacks to the television's input jack.

A DVR comes with a built-in hard drive; when using a VCR or DVD recorder, insert a VHS cassette or a recordable DVD disc that acts as the recording medium. Press record using the remote control to start the recording immediately. Alternatively, program the device to record later by entering the time, date and recording channel details in the TV menu.

To record TV programs on a Windows computer, connect a TV tuner card to the computer and the TV antenna and/or cable box and use the Windows Media Center software to record a live program or to schedule a recording. To do this, open the software, click on Live TV under TV, make the playback controls flash on the screen using the mouse and click on Record.

If Windows Media Center is not available, use recording software such as Beyond TV or Sage TV.

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