How Do You Record Your Screen?

How Do You Record Your Screen?

To record your computer screen, open Steps Recorder, click the Start Record button to begin recording, click the Stop Record button when you are done, and then save the video. This process works on systems running Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  1. Open Steps Recorder

    To open Steps Recorder, click on the Start button on the Windows toolbar, type “psr” in the search box, and press the Enter key. When Steps Recorder opens, the program appears at the top section of the screen. Since Steps Recorder is a small program, close any open windows running in the background to avoid obstruction and to prevent accidentally recording any programs that you don't wish to record.

  2. Command the program to begin recording

    Click the Start Record button to begin recording the activity on your screen. When Steps Recorder is recording the screen, the Start Record button should change to Pause Record. The title bar should read "Recording Now."

  3. Save the new video

    Click on the Stop Record button in the program then type its name in the File name textbook. Click the Save button on the Save As window. To access the recording, check the ZIP file on your Desktop that contains videos from Steps Recorder.