How Do You Record Phone Calls?

As of 2015, there are multiple ways to record a phone call, including using traditional recording devices or by utilizing a computer's webcam to record a phone on speakerphone mode. Alternatively, iPhone owners can also use the Voice Memos application that is installed on the device by default to record their phone calls. Smartphone users can also utilize various recording applications, such as RMC: Android Call Recorder, WePhone or Call Recorder Free.

Smartphone users also have access to Google Voice, which is a service that is able to record incoming calls and save them to an MP3 file format. This service simplifies the recording process as the user only needs to press the 4 button on his phone to both start and stop the recording. Google Voice is not able to record calls if the user is making an outbound call.

Customer service representatives in the United States typically record any calls for customers for quality control purposes. Normal citizens generally require the express permission of the other party in the call before making a recording. People looking to record a private phone call should consult local and federal laws as such an act may not be legal in their area of residence.