How Do You Record Cool Intro Music?

How Do You Record Cool Intro Music?


To record an introduction or intro, first make a plan of what you want it to sound like. Then, you have two options: book a studio or record it at home. In either case, the process involves setting up, playing and capturing the sound, mixing and mastering.

  1. Plan the intro

    There is no one way to introduce a song, but common strategies include building an atmosphere, playing the chord progression of the chorus or verse a few times or using dramatic contrast. It can build anticipation, acclimate the listener's ear to the music or simply capture the audience's attention.

  2. Set up the equipment

    Put microphones on each instrument. Unless you are using digital importing, include each individual drum. Guitar and bass are examples of instruments that can be digitally imported. You may need to record in separate rooms to prevent a microphone catching the sound of an instrument other than the one its meant to capture.

  3. Play and record

    Hit the record button, and start playing. When finished, hit stop. You can do several takes.

  4. Mix the audio

    This involves moving the audio levels of each part of the song up or down until you have the sound you want.

  5. Mastering the song

    Mastering involves more advanced processes including equalizing frequencies and compressing the sound. A professional can be hired to master the recording.