How Do You Record Audio on a PC?


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To record audio on a PC, use the Windows built-in voice-recording software called Sound Recorder; access it through the Start menu. To use this feature, the computer that'll be used for recording must have a sound card, or an audio card and speakers installed; otherwise, there's no way to facilitate the use of audio components. The audio can be played back using a media player program, such as Windows Media Player.

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To start with, have a microphone or some other audio input device available; otherwise, there's no mechanism to capture the voice so it can be recorded. Once this is obtained, perform the following steps to open the Sound Recorder tool and begin recording audio.

  1. Locate Sound Recorder
  2. Click the Start button, and then type Sound Recorder in the search box. From the list of results, select Sound Recorder. If a version of Windows is being used that precedes Windows 7, then after clicking Start, click All Programs, and then point to Accessories and select Entertainment, then Sound Recorder.
  3. Start recording
  4. Click Start Recording to begin the recording session.
  5. End the recording session
  6. When satisfied with what's been recorded, click Stop Recording to end the session.
  7. Save the session
  8. To save the audio file, click the File Name box, assign the session a name, and then click Save.
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