What Are Some Recipes From TheTalk.com?

What Are Some Recipes From TheTalk.com?

Charred guacamole with grilled corn, lemony-limey ice box pie, summer organic wedge with cool bleu dressing, salmon BLT and green gazpacho are recipes from TheTalk.com. The website features an archive of past recipes corresponding to previous cooking segments.

Celebrity chefs, chef-entrepreneurs with popular brands, and those who own and operate award-winning restaurants contribute recipes to "The Talk." The charred guacamole and the lemony-lime pie are compliments of David Guas, a frequent contributor and the owner of a successful bayou eatery.

The summer organic wedge is the brainchild of Mark Tarbell, owner of Tarbel's in Phoenix. Graham Elliiot, a judge on "Master Chef" and owner of the Graham Elliot Bistro in Chicago, remixes recipes for seasonal soups and sandwiches, adding and subtracting new or old ingredients accordingly.

Although professional chefs contribute to TheTalk.com, the recipes are straightforward and designed so that home cooks can create them in their own kitchen. For example, the salmon BLT recipe omits the bread component and merely combines heirloom tomatoes and a simple vinaigrette with seared salmon, fried bacon and wild arugula.

Mark Tarbell's summer organic wedge salad recipe dresses up iceberg lettuce with Dijon mustard, sharp bleu cheese, fresh Parmesan, olive oil and eggs. For each type of dish, TheTalk.com recommends similar recipes contributed by other chefs.