How Do You Recharge Your Minutes for Reliance India Prepaid Phones?

How Do You Recharge Your Minutes for Reliance India Prepaid Phones?

An ideal way to recharge minutes for Reliance India prepaid phones is through the company’s official website, The website lists the various plans and packs available. An instant recharge for all plans is possible through making an online payment via credit card, debit card or online banking.

Reliance prepaid phones can also be recharged by physically going into a Reliance outlet or other mobile stores in India. As of June 2015, recharge plans vary depending on the circle or state in which the prepaid SIM is registered. It important to know the prepaid phone number and the state or circle the SIM is registered to in order to ensure the recharge is successful.

Apart from recharging online, it is also possible to buy a new prepaid connection through the company’s website. This requires personal information of the customer including an identity proof and residence proof.

Recharging of Reliance India prepaid phones is also possible through third-party websites.,, and are some third-party websites for recharging Reliance prepaid phones in India.

Recharging online through third-party websites has an optional convenience fee added to the recharge amount. The fee allows for additional features including discount coupons. Customers are free to opt out of the service.