How Do You Receive Free Television Signals?

To receive free digital television signals, install an antenna that receives both VHF and UHV channels, and if watching a television made before 2007, plug in a converter box to change the digital signal to analog. Different antenna styles are suitable for areas receiving strong or weak signals.

Choose an antenna style with the help of an online signal map service, such as The website shows each local station's distance from a ZIP code and displays color-coded tabs for each station, detailing which antenna style receives the signal best. To receive strong signals, an indoor "rabbit ears" and "wire loop" combination antenna works effectively. A high quality indoor antenna might receive medium-quality signals, while an outdoor antenna receives low, medium and high-quality signals.

Install an antenna following the manufacturer's guidelines, and double-check signal locations at to position the antenna for best coverage. Once the antenna is installed and properly pointed, access the menu on the television or converter box, and perform a channel search. Compare the channels being received with the channel list on the website, and reposition the antenna if necessary. Several factors can influence signal strength, including distance from the signal source, structures and trees, and height of the antenna.