How Do You Receive an Email?

How Do You Receive an Email?

Receiving email is as easy as creating a free email account, setting up your email client on your computer, and sending out the email address to those who email you. This is an easy process that should take no more than a few minutes to complete.

  1. Create your email account

    Decide who you want as your email provider. There are many free options, with Google's Gmail being one of the most popular. Go to the provider website, locate the email Sign Up link, and click on it.

  2. Fill out the email creation form

    Enter all of the information in the fields on the email provider setup screens. Pick a name for your email account. For example, if your name is Lee Smith, you might choose LeeSmith2015. Once you have entered a name, the provider will tell you whether or not it is available.

  3. Set up your email client

    Open your email client, that is, the email application on your computer. Find the Preferences section, and click on it. A series of fields ask you what you wish to name the account, what the account name is and what provider the account uses. This process also allows you to upload the relevant password and incoming and outgoing mail settings into your email client.

  4. Send out your email address

    You can now begin sending and receiving emails. Send a message to your friends, family and colleagues, informing them of your new email address.