How Do You Reboot Windows 8?


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To reboot your computer running the Windows 8 operating system, first return to the desktop of your computer. Then, locate the Power icon. The Power options are located in different areas of the interface, depending on whether you have a desktop or mobile device. Select Restart from the menu.

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  1. Return to the desktop

    Minimize or close any windows that are currently open on your computer. Click the X icon in the upper-right hand of the application to close it. Click the minimize icon, which is the left-most icon on the right side of the application.

  2. Locate the power icon

    Find the Power icon on your computer. This icon is circular and typically located near the right side of the screen. If you are using a mobile version of Windows 8, swipe from the right edge of the screen, and select Options. The location of the icon in Windows 8 differs from all previous versions of Windows. Previous versions allowed users to restart the system via the Start menu.

  3. Restart the operating system

    Tap the Restart option from the Power menu if you are on a desktop computer or the Options menu if you are on a mobile device. The computer or tablet automatically reboots.

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