How Do You Reboot in Safe Mode?

To start a PC in safe mode, press the F8 key as the computer is booting up. This brings you to a boot options menu where you have the option to start your computer in safe mode. Finally, log in using an administrator account.

  1. Shut down or restart your computer

    To access safe mode, you first need to shut down or restart your computer. To do so, go to your Start Menu, and select Shut Down or Restart. Either is acceptable.

  2. Press F8 before Windows restarts

    Wait a few seconds, or switch your computer back on. After any system setup messages, either press and hold or repeatedly tap the F8 key. You should do this before you see the Starting Windows screen. If Windows does start up, restart and try again.

  3. Select safe mode from the boot options menu

    After pressing F8, the Windows Advanced Boot Options menu appears. This has numerous options, including Safe Mode and Safe Mode With Networking. Choose the one you require, and press Enter. Windows then starts in safe mode.

  4. Log in using an administrator account

    To make changes to your computer in safe mode, you log in to it using an administrator level account.