What Are Some Reasons Why a Laptop Mouse Pad Would Stop Working?


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Some reasons a laptop mouse pad, or touchpad, may not work include a disabled setting, outdated driver or hardware issue. Sometimes fixing it is as easy as restarting the computer.

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What Are Some Reasons Why a Laptop Mouse Pad Would Stop Working?
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If restarting the laptop doesn't help, the touchpad may not work due to a disabled setting. It is easy to disable the touchpad, and many computer users do it without even realizing. To enable a disabled touchpad, users press a combination of the Fn key with one of the function keys at the top of the keyboard. After pressing the correct combination, the touchpad should work. Some laptops may also have a key with a touchpad icon that turns the touchpad off and on.

Its possible to check the settings by changing them in the computer settings menu. Users can access this menu by searching for mouse settings and looking for the tab that controls the touchpad. If enabled, the drivers may need an update. Owners can update the drivers by going to the manufacturer's website and checking to see if the laptop's drivers are up to date.

If the touchpad still doesn't work after the user has updated the drivers, restarted the computer, and checked to see if the touchpad settings are correct, calling in a professional to look at the hardware is necessary.

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