What Are Some Real World Applications for RFID Technology?


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The most common real-world use for RFID is inventory management. When shipments arrive at a store, an RFID reader automatically scans the tag to collect inventory data. The Department of Defense similarly uses RFID inventory tracking to manage supplies.

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RFID also has medical uses, such as tracking patient movement or falls, assuring that patients receive correct medication and linking medical records. Cats and dogs benefit from RFID through implanted microchips that allow vets and shelters equipped with scanners to identify a lost pet's home.

The travel industry also uses RFID, including chips and scanners for hotel room keys, toll cards for roads and bridges and payment cards at gasoline pumps. Another travel use is the Department of Homeland Security's various trusted traveler programs, where RFID allows quick traveler identification to speed airport screenings and border crossing for those who are members of paid priority travel programs.

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