How Do You Read the Specifications on a Lennox System?

How Do You Read the Specifications on a Lennox System?

Each specification for particular systems is different on the Lennox website, so reading requires understanding the usage as well as the types of diagram it represents. Electrical diagrams use special symbols to show where current goes, while other manuals include troubleshooting and general information.

For guide specifications that only list and explain all the parts of the system, take the time to study the material. Each guide is written in a simple format, providing details for things such as warranties with emphasis on when and how to request a case.

The other sections on the specifications list are for different products. There, information is listed according to who the manufacturer is, some general information and what products are offered. The contact information contains an address along with phone number and website.

General information is more broad, focusing on the type of air flow these units provide, how the vents are set, how the units are packaged and whether or not the controls can be factory supplied. The products section contains the types of products available such as cabinets and the lines of options that can be purchased with them. Some of these cabinets include options such as pre-painted units, adjustable louvers and access doors.

For other documents, use the key located at the bottom of the diagrams. These help decipher what each symbol means and how to understand the flow of energy throughout the system.