How Do You Read the Results of an Ookla Broadband Speed Test?

After performing Ookla's speed test, you receive numerical results for ping speeds, which measure how quickly you connect to the Internet; download speeds, which measure how quickly you receive information from websites; and upload speeds, which measure how quickly you can share files. The higher the number, the better.

A high ping speed means that when you send out a request, such as a Google search, you get information and results back much faster. High ping speeds are important for activities such as gaming or other interactive online activities.

Download speeds indicate how fast you can stream video and music, load websites, and open emails and attachments. The higher the number, the faster everything loads. According to Netflix, speeds of 25 megabits and higher are needed to stream high-definition video without any stopping or pausing to load. This number is typically the most important number in determining your Internet speed and quality. It is also the number your Internet provider uses to differentiate between its Internet plans.

Upload speeds are what determine your ability to send information to servers or other people. When you attach a file to an email, low upload speeds means the attachment takes longer to reach its destination.