How Do You Read a DVD to TV Hookup Diagram?


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To read a DVD to TV hookup diagram, locate the lines that indicate the connecting cables. Follow the lines to the drawing of the DVD player, and find the points where the cables connect. The colors on the diagram correspond to the colors of the RCA cable connectors. Follow the other end of the lines to the TV connectors, and note the order of the colored RCA cable connectors.

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Many DVD players connect to TVs with a traditional RCA cable that comes with red, yellow and white connectors on each end. Some TVs and DVD players use only two of the connectors; refer to the diagram to determine which connectors to plug in. Televisions that use component cables may have additional blue and green connectors. Use the colors on the diagram to determine the correct placement of each connector.

Newer-model DVD players and televisions may connect with an HDMI cable. In this case, the hookup diagram shows only a single cable line. Locate the HDMI or HDMI Out label on the drawing of the DVD player, and find the corresponding port on the actual DVD player. Locate the TV's HDMI label on the diagram, and use the location to find the port on the TV. Some televisions have multiple HDMI input ports; the diagram should indicate which port number to use.

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