How Do You Read a Book Online?


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Internet Archive, Scribd, Project Guttenberg and Open Library offer books to read online for free, according to ebookfriendly.com. Other sites include Wattpad, Smashwords, Blurb and Bookish. These sites allow a user to read books online from a computer. No reader device, such as an Amazon Kindle, is required.

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How Do You Read a Book Online?
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According to ebookfriendly.com, use of these sites requires registration, but there is no cost for membership. Its suggests that all of the listed websites are easy to use, even for a beginner or novice.

Project Gutenberg is listed as the mother of all e-book sites. It was founded in 1971. Many sites that offer free e-books from the public domain were originally uploaded to Project Gutenberg. The site currently offers 45,000 public domain books in its catalog. The site specializes in classic literature.

Internet Archive was founded in 1996. It is a nonprofit organization that offers free access to digital or digitized content, including books, images, videos or audio files. Its catalog includes over six million public domain e-books and other text files.

Smashwords is the largest site that contains e-books from independent authors and publishers that are not part of the public domain. There are currently 300,000 books from over 100,000 authors.

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