How Do You Reactivate an Instragram Account?


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Instagram accounts that are deleted using the Instagram Accounts Removal service cannot be reactivated. However, users can attempt to create a new account using the same email address linked with the old account. If the address is still available, a new account with the same email will be created, albeit with a different username.

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An important point to note is that deleting an Instagram account also permanently deletes the images, friends, videos, likes and any other social media activity linked with the account. Even if users create a new account using the same email address, they will have permanently lost access to these files via the Instagram platform.

Removing an Instagram account using the site's removal service requires that users enter in both their email address and password. To prevent unauthorized deletions, tech experts recommend that users protect their passwords by using different passwords with different accounts.

In addition to the personal account deletions, Instagram accounts may be removed or revoked if the contents are found to be in violation of the social service's community policies. This includes stalking, defaming or posting content believed to be private such as another person's non-public phone number or credit card detail. Members who attempt to log into the site's application program interface, or API, or who post content considered to be spam also risk a permanent deletion of their account.

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