What Is RCI, and How Do You Join?


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RCI is a timeshare company that focuses on vacation exchanges. Started in 1974, the company is based on the concept of timeshare owners exchanging time at their home resorts for time at different, affiliated resorts.

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RCI is affiliated with nearly 4,500 resorts in over 100 countries. The timeshare exchange concept allows for more flexibility and choice for timeshare owners. RCI membership includes other benefits, such as rental opportunities, cruises and transportation. Membership is available on the RCI website for those who already own a timeshare at an RCI-affiliated resort.

For those who do not own a timeshare, information is available about the benefits of timeshares, also known as vacation ownership. Vacation ownership is described by RCI as the opportunity to own condominium-style accommodations at quality resorts worldwide. Timeshares offer home-like accommodations and are different from hotels. Most timeshare accommodations include kitchens, living areas, several bedrooms and laundry facilities.

Travelers who do not own a timeshare can take advantage of RCI's vacation rental business, Endless Vacation Rentals, a business that helps non-timeshare owners experience the best of timeshare vacations. Endless Vacation Rentals manages more than 200,000 properties, located in more than 100 countries. In addition to the basic condo-like timeshare amenities, many of the rental properties also include access to pools, hot tubs or fitness centers.

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