How Do You Find a Free Rap Beat Creator?


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Find a free rap beat creator by visiting the sites for Hammerhead Rhythm Station, Musink and LMMS. These sites all offer music creation software that is completely free to download and use.

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Hammerhead Rhythm Station is a freeware program designed to imitate the interface of a classic TR-909 drum machine. The program offers six recording channels, 29 different drum sounds, options for breakbeats and the ability to import samples. Designed to create techno, house, jungle and hip hop beats, the program features a variety of snares, claps and bass drums, but offers no toms, congas, bongos or other more exotic percussive sounds.

Musink is a simple, easy-to-use composition program for creating rap beats and many other forms of music. Using the software’s visual interface, users can lay out notes on a treble or bass clef, experimenting with different sounds and arranging melodies. The program may be a little basic for experienced users, but beginning beat makers can learn the ropes with the program’s help features. Musink also allows for high-quality audio export in the universal MIDI format.

LMMS offers users the ability to create beats and loops from samples and pre-programmed sounds. This powerful program offers a range of instrument voices as well as the ability to import sounds and samples.

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