Who Races in YouTube Tractor Pulls?


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Members of the National Tractor Pullers Association compete in events featured on YouTube. While amateur tractor pullers on YouTube are common, the NTPA is the largest competitive tractor pulling organization, and its events are frequently hosted at county fairs and similar venues.

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While NTPA events are often covered by spectators, the NTPA itself showcases highlights of its events on YouTube and offers information about pulling sleds and turbo setups. The NTPA also sells DVDs of its events, including a series devoted to explosive mechanical failures.

As of 2015, the latest National Tractor Pulling Championships were held for five days at the Wood County Fairgrounds in Bowling Green, Ohio. Roughly 120 entries were enrolled each day. Champions included Adam Bauer, who placed first in the 8,000-pound diesel and 2,050-pound miniature categories, and Joe Hoffa, who placed first in the 20,000-pound semi-truck category. The NTPA hosts state and regional events that are also frequently uploaded to YouTube by spectators.

While the vehicles used in competitive pulling appear similar to farm tractors, they are in fact highly customized machines designed specifically for pulling against a gradually increasing drag force. The NTPA lists 13 categories of pulling vehicle that it certifies for its events.

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