What Quizzes Are on the Brain Pop Jr. Website?

The Brain Pop Jr. website offers quizzes in categories including science, health, reading and writing, math and arts. Each main category offers several more specific subcategories, all featuring their own quizzes. Although the site offers some quizzes for free, most are only available to paid subscribers.

The science section of Brain Pop Jr. offers material on subjects including animals, plants, conservation, space and weather. As with other sections, each general category offers more specific subcategories. The space section, for example offers individual entries on Earth, Mars, the moon and other planets. Most subcategories offer different levels of quizzes, including both easy and difficult.

Brainpop’s reading and writing section includes resources and quizzes on authors, story elements, vocabulary, reading skills and comprehension. Students can take quizzes testing their ability to determine cause and effect, main ideas, sequencing, making predictions and more. Other sections feature quizzes on parts of speech and different aspects of language, from nouns and verbs to suffixes and homonyms.

The site’s art and technology section features the categories art, music and technology. In the art section, students can take quizzes on various artistic mediums, such as collage, sculpture and photography, as well as learning about famous artists. The music section offers quizzes on instruments, elements of musical composition and famous composers. The technology section features quizzes on computer literacy, online safety, email and more.