What Does "queued Seed" Mean?

A queued seed is a user who begins seeding to you once certain uploads or downloads are finished. Because many ISPs have bandwidth restrictions, some users limit the amount they upload or download at once. A queued seed is available and has the file you are downloading but is busy with other upload or downloads up to their limit and seeds to you when their bandwidth is available.

There is no way to force a queued seed to connect to you and upload a torrent to you faster; a queued seed is already available, just busy with other connections. When your turn in the queue arrives, the seed connects to you and begins the upload. This process is out of your control on the user end, just as your bandwidth controls as an uploader are entirely under your control, and you cannot be forced to seed to someone else past your bandwidth allotment.

The best way to avoid being a queued seed to others is to remove your limits on BitTorrent uploads. If your ISP throttles your uploads, you have options such as seedboxes and virtual private networks, or VPNs. A seedbox routes your BitTorrent traffic to a server hosted remotely, completely bypassing your internet service provider. A VPN masks your traffic, so your ISP does not realize you are using BitTorrent. Both of these options allow you to remove your upload limits and seed to as many users as possible without being slowed down by your ISP.