How Do Questions on Get Answered?

How Do Questions on Get Answered? uses shortcuts and several different types of searches, such as for images and local answers, to respond to the questions of those who use it. The questions can be in everyday English, rather than highly complicated or specific terms.

Ask is mostly famous for its ability to respond to search requests phrased as questions, such as "What are some good local restaurants in Portland, Oregon?" In fact, one of its special features is Local Search, which allows the user to select not only a city or state to ask about, but also to narrow down the choice from there. To continue with the example about Portland, the user would be able to ask about not only local restaurants, but also to choose from different streets where the restaurants are located so as to find the nearest one to a house or a hotel.'s shortcuts allow a user to glance at a small, detailed result, such as an introduction to a celebrity's source of fame, and then find links to more commonly sought pieces of information from there. Shortcuts exist for blogs- a direct link to a blog by title if the user searches for the title, rather than exact URL- as well as for dictionaries. The user can find a word's definition rapidly by entering a term like "define" in front of it. If users need a conversion, such as "miles to a kilometer," gives both the exact result and a list of related questions and answers off to the side, often the same search query phrased slightly differently; "How much of a mile is a kilometer?" would be one example.