How Do You Qualify for TracFone Discounts?

As of 2015, customers qualify for TracFone Lifeline discounts offered through SafeLink Wireless by having an income that is at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty guidelines or by participating in an assistance program, such as Federal Public Housing Assistance or Medicaid, notes the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Customers who qualify receive a free cellphone and free monthly minutes. Only one Lifeline discount is allowed per household.

Customers can check their eligibility for TracFone's Lifeline discount by going to the Universal Service Administrative website and completing the Lifeline Program Pre-Screening Tool. They can also search for a Lifeline program provider available in their state. TracFone is not available in every state, as of 2015.

If customers have been identified as eligible by the pre-screening tool, they can complete the application to apply for the discount. Documentation must be provided during the enrollment process as proof of income or program eligibility. Examples of income documentation include current income statement or paycheck stub from an employer, unemployment statement of benefits or child support award. Program documentation includes notice letter of participation or statement of benefits. Eligibility must be verified each year the customer is subscribed to the Lifeline discount program, notes the FCC. To maintain the discount, customers must use the TracFone at least once every 60 days.