How Do You Put Videos on an IPod Nano?

Putting a video on an iPod Nano requires users to have access to their iTunes accounts on their computers. You may download a video in iTunes, then sync it to your iPod Nano to watch.

  1. Download a video in iTunes

    Open iTunes on your computer. Click to select a video you want to download. Click the button that displays the price of the video to begin downloading it to your iTunes account.

  2. Connect your iPod to the computer

    Insert the power cord into the iPod Nano on one end and into your computer's USB port on the other end. Make sure iTunes is open.

  3. Click the button with your iPod Nano's name

    If you have multiple Apple devices that you sync to your computer, the button may say "2 Devices." If this is the case, simply click on that, then select the iPod Nano name from the display that appears.

  4. Select "Movies" or "TV Shows"

    Depending on which kind of video you want to download to your iPod Nano, choose one of these options at the top of the screen.

  5. Click the video you want to download

    You must select the video you want to add to your iPod Nano if you want to add only one video. If you want to add all videos, click the box next to "Automatically include all."

  6. Click "Apply"

    The "Apply" button is located at the bottom of the screen. Once iTunes indicates the sync has completed, you may remove the USB cord from your computer and iPod Nano and watch the video on the device.