How Do You Put a Video on Instagram?


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To put a video on Instagram, shoot the video, open the Instagram app, go to video mode, upload the video, crop the video and add it. This is a quick and easy process that typically takes less than 15 minutes.

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  1. Take a video

    Use your smartphone or other mobile recording device to record a video. You won't be able to upload more than 15 seconds worth of video to Instagram, so plan accordingly. Save the video to your device.

  2. Go to the Instagram application

    Find the Instagram app logo on your phone or mobile device. Tap it to open the application. If you don't have the Instagram app on your device, download it from the Instagram website.

  3. Switch to video mode

    At the bottom of the application, there is a square-shaped blue logo that looks like a forward-facing camera. Tap it. Next, switch from camera mode to video mode by tapping the square-shaped black logo that looks like a side-facing camcorder or projector.

  4. Upload the video

    In the bottom-right corner of the application, there is a box. Tap it to open your device's video album. Select the video. If you're using an iPhone, tap Next.

  5. Create and add the video

    On the bar under the video, select where the video begins. Drag the blue bar above the strip to where the video ends. Tap Add to upload the video to Instagram.

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