How Do You Put Together Your Own Personal Address Book?

To create your own address book, begin by making an alphabetical list that includes the contact information of all of your friends, family members and service providers, as well as any emergency services. Include the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of each contact. Transfer all of this collected information into either an electronic or paper-based address book, organizing each contact alphabetically. Organize individuals according to their surnames.

It's easier to add and erase information with an electronic address book than with a hard-copy book, but you should keep both in case you lose access to one or the other. In your paper-based address book, use pencil so that you can add and erase contact information without messing up the alphabetical order or running out of space in a particular section.

If you forget the name of a business or service provider that you do not have frequent contact with, you may have difficulty locating it in your alphabetically organized address book. For easy access, consider placing all of your business cards into a business card organizer, consisting of multiple sheets of clear plastic sleeves that allow you to view the information on both the front and the back of each card. Organize the cards according to the type of service, such as legal or medical.