How Do You Put Things in Alphabetical Order in Microsoft Works Word Processor?

put-things-alphabetical-order-microsoft-works-word-processor Credit: Gary Burchell/Taxi/Getty Images

Alphabetizing a list in a Microsoft Works word document allows for efficient organization. You can alphabetize a list of items by highlighting the text to be placed in alphabetical order and clicking on the Sort button on the home tab in the paragraph tools section.

  1. Open a new work document

    Start by using a blank word document in Microsoft Works. Type your text to be sorted in list form. You can also sort bulleted and numbered lists.

  2. Select the text to sort

    Place your cursor in front of the text you would like to sort. Click and hold the right mouse button, and drag the cursor over the text you want alphabetized to highlight it. You can then release the mouse.

  3. Click the Sort button

    The Sort button is on the home tab in the paragraph section. It has an A and Z next to an arrow. Click on this button, and wait for the Sort Text box to pop up. Make sure that it is set to sort by paragraph and in text type. You can choose to sort your text in ascending or descending order. Press the OK button when ready. Your text is now sorted in alphabetical order.