How Do You Put Someone's Name in Your Facebook Status so That It Appears on His Wall?

put-someone-s-name-facebook-status-appears-his-wall Credit: Yagi Studio/Digital Vision/Getty Images

An easy way to share your photos, notes, thoughts or experiences with your friends and family via Facebook is to use the "tagging" feature. A few simple keystrokes can connect you to your loved ones across the world.

  1. Prepare your post

    Either upload photos or videos, type in your content, or link into the omnibox at the top of your news feed page on Facebook.

  2. Type in your friend's name after the "@" sign

    When you reach the point of your post where you mention your friend's name, begin typing the name with an "@" sign. This opens a listing of names as you continue typing.

  3. Select the friend's name

    Simply click on the appropriate name to have Facebook automatically include a link to the friend's profile in your post. The same post then also appears on the friend's profile page, unless they have disabled the ability for others to tag their profile in posts.