How Do You Put Free Games on Your Phone?


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To download free phone games, determine the operating system of your device, visit the corresponding application store, and search for a free game to download. Each game has a different file size, and some require a stable Internet connection.

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  1. Determine the operating system

    In most instances, you have a device running an operating system created by either Google or Apple. The operating systems are named Android and iOS, and each type requires a different method to download free games. You can determine your operating system by looking in the about section of the phone settings.

  2. Visit the corresponding application store

    Android and iOS devices each have a different application for accessing the application store. For Android devices, the store is referred to as Google Play. Games for Apple's iOS, can be accessed through the iTunes store. These store applications are usually installed on a device at the time of purchase. If not available, download the store application through either the Google or Apple web site.

  3. Search for a free game to download

    If you have a specific game in mind, simply search for the title in either the app store. A download link is then provided for that particular game. However, if you don't have a particular game in mind, a search filter is available. Enter "games" in the type field, and then "free" in the price field. Certain websites also offer reviews of the top free games available.

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